Pocket Knives & Multitools.



 Gerber Suspension. €59


 Open Length: 15.2 cm. Closed Length: 8.9 cm. Weight: 255g

 Stainless Steel, with spring assisted plier action for one - handed use.

 Components: Needlnose pliers, wire cutter, fine edge knife, serrated edge knife, saw, scissors,

 crosspoint screwdriver,  small and medium flatblade screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener and lanyard hole.



 Pocket Knives.



The OTTER company was founded by the Berns brothers around 1840 in a small ‘Kotten’ – a traditional grinder’s watermill – at the Königsmühle in Solingen. The company name comes from the otters that thrived in the meadows, rivers and creeks of the Bergisch Land region in North Rhine- Westphalia.


Large Otter Anchor Knife  €49.50


Blade 80mm, handle 100mm, weight 90g.




Small Otter Anchor Knife  €47.50

Blade 65mm, handle 90mm, weight 60g



Classic Opinel Folding Knive.

We stock the classic beech wood handle Opinel folding knive in stainless and carbon steel


Stainless Steel or Carbon?

One is not better than the other, it's more about being 'fit for purpose'.

Stainless steel is very popular because it's a low maintainance metal, it resists stains and corrosion and needs less care to stay shiney and clean. If you don't have the time or inclination to to regularly clean, and oil your knife, if it's often going to be used in the damp, or to cut food, then a stainless steel blade is probably better for you.

Carbon steel needs to be looked after. You have to keep the blade clean, dry and regularly protect it with oil or grease. It's a duller metal, and prone to staining but the great reward of having a carbon steel knife blade is that you get a better (sharper) edge to the blade. If you want to carry a really sharp knive, then carbon steel is the material for you.

But no matter which Opinel you buy, to get the most from your knife keep it clean, oiled and sharpened.

sizes available : 

No: 06 (70mm blade)    €9.70 Stainless,   €9.00 Carbon

No: 07 (80mm blade)    €10.00 Stainless, €9.40 Carbon

No: 08 (85mm blade)    €10.30 Stainless, €9.70 Carbon

No: 09 (90mm blade)    €11.50 Stainless, €10.90 Carbon 



Opinel Knife Gift Set   €34.00


A stainless steel Opinel No 08 with olive wood handle and leather holster in a wooden gift box.



Opinel No 08 Mushroom Harvester Knive   €19.50

Stainless steel, 70mm blade, wild boar hair brush.



Opinel No10 Corkscrew Knive. €22.00

10mm blade.



Knife accessories.


Things to help keep them clean, sharp and oiled.



Opinel Natural Sharpening Stone    €8.90

10 x 2 cm medium fine stone.



Belgischer Brocken Whetstone  €16

Due to some whim of nature there are fine strata of extraordinary rocks in the Belgium Ardennes. Thin layers of sedimentary rock, impregnated with garnet crystals. The hardness of the garnets means the stone can be used to sharpen even the toughest steel.

The stone should be wet when used to create a fine paste which will sharpen your knife quickly and not leave any burrs on the metal. The slate backing is just to provide a base for the whetstone.




Ballistol Universal Oil, 50ml Bottle  €4.50