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We have a range of Nkuku fair-trade brass items

- call the shop for details.



long_brass_box2  long_brass_pot

Nkuku Long Beme Brass Pot.                                      €38.40

Etched Brass with a traditional Indian decorative pattern.        4 x 17 x 6.5cm.



small_round_brass1  small_pots2

Nkuku Round Beme Brass Pots.      large €26.50    sold out    small €13.90

Etched Brass with a traditional Indian decorative pattern        small  3 x 5cm     large 4.5 x 7.5cm

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These are fair trade products from Nkuku who go to great lengths to ensure that their products are made ethically, sustainably and with the minimum environmental impact. More info here:          Nkuku Ethics.



cufflink_2   cufflinks 

Cufflink & Tie clip set.                                             €20.50.






Avion de Penaud. Rubber band powered airplane.  €17.90

A faithful recreation of Alphonse Penaud's ground breaking design of 1871. The 'Planophore' was the first heavier-than -air, powered model to sucessfully fly. It inspired many early aeronauts including Wilbur and Orville Wright. The kit is easy to assemble with full instructions.





one-world-futbol1  One_world_futbol


One World Indestructable Football.   Buy one, give one.    €30.00.

Buy one and have another shipped to a community project of your choice.

Made from a super strong plastic this ball never goes flat and never needs pumping. It will endure the most punishing treatment and will last for years. But behind the ball is a global charity that works with disadvantaged people around the world. When you purchase a One World Football you can choose a play project to support with the gift of a free ball which the company will ship out. Over a million balls have been given out so far. You can watch some videos about the project here. Approx  ∅ 21.5cm.







Ridley 175 gram Flying Disc.      €12.00.

A quality disc that glows in the dark for those late night tournaments. Approx ∅ 27.5cm.





Ridley Giant Bouncer.      €15.00.

Wear out the kids, and adults, with this super retro bouncer. Comes with its own footpump.

Approx 55cm diameter and good for passengers up to 175kg.



HighArtKite_02   highart_kite_3


High Art Kite. Designed by Jan Kallwejt.  €8.50.

A 60 x 70cm, single line, diamond kite with a 'little winged demon' design from Jan Kallwejt. Simple to build, easy to fly -loads of fun.





Kakudako Mini Kite.     €10.50.

A classic japanese kite with a design from Philip Tseng. This kite is a perfect adult/child building project that requires masking tape to assemble. Easy to fly and made with long-lasting, waterproof Tvyek material.



FlowerPress1        FlowerPress2


Wooden Flower Press.     €12.00.

A decorated wooden press complete with packing cards and blotting paper- ready to press!

18 x 18cm



wwbug_box  wwbug_box_2


Bug Box.     €13.50.

A decorated wooden bug observation box, with a canvas handle. Complete with magnifying glass.

Box.H.W.D  17 x 12 x 12cm.



Bug_jar1 bug_jar2

Bug Jar.     €6.50.

Bug jar with carry strap. Magnifyier set into wooden lid.



LetterPressMagnets1     letterpress.2

Letter Press Fridge Magnet Alphabet Set         €12.00.

An 80 piece set of fridge magnets with a vintage typeface with large (45 x 35mm) and small (28 x 20mm) magnets.





Alphabet English Language Fridge Magnet Set.       €12.00.

A quirky set of letters and English words designed by British artist Paul Thurlby. Great for decorating the fridge and practicing English.







Paul Thurlby Wooden Blocks Game.      €20.50.

Contains 30 paper-covered wooden blocks that form 6 fun puzzles. With Mr Thurlby's ingenious illustrations children and adults can play with English words and idioms, explore an atlas and fit puzzles together. Comes with a fold out sheet of puzzle solutions.



Stick-on Glow Stars.         €8.50.

A selection of planets, stars, comets and other galactic wonders that glow in the dark.

Contains 50 Non-toxic pieces.



Stick-on Moustaches.            €6.50.

A box of 8 stylish, self-adhesive moustaches. An essential item for children, adults - and hipsters.



Box of 4 Classic Jokes.     €9.50.

4 quality, and timeless, practical jokes. Snappy chewing gum, Insect ice cubes, nail through the finger and the ever- popular whoopee cushion.



Wooden Spinning Tops.             €1.00. each.



Skipping Rope.                             €3.50

A simple, strong skipping rope with wooden handles.