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long_brass_box2  long_brass_pot

Nkuku Long Beme Brass Pot.                                      €27.00

Etched Brass with a traditional Indian decorative pattern.        4 x 17 x 6.5cm.



small_round_brass1  small_pots2

Nkuku Round Beme Brass Pots.             large €16.50          small €11.50

Etched Brass with a traditional Indian decorative pattern        small  3 x 5cm     large 4.5 x 7.5cm

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These are fair trade products from Nkuku who go to great lengths to ensure that their products are made ethically, sustainably and with the minimum environmental impact. More info here:          Nkuku Ethics.


cufflink_2   cufflinks 

Cufflink & Tie clip set.                                             €20.50.






Sharan wide angle pinhole Camera Kit.    €25.50.

A self -build 35mm camera kit made of super tough 1mm black cardstock. Plastic advance and rewind spools and tripod mount.  No cutting glue or tools required. Easy to follow instructions. Made in Japan.








Avion de Penaud. Rubber band powered airplane.  €17.90

A faithful recreation of Alphonse Penaud's ground breaking design of 1871. The 'Planophore' was the first heavier-than -air, powered model to sucessfully fly. It inspired many early aeronauts including Wilbur and Orville Wright. The kit is easy to assemble with full instructions.





one-world-futbol1  One_world_futbol


One World Indestructable Football.   Buy one, give one.    €30.00.

Buy one and have another shipped to a community project of your choice.

Made from a super strong plastic this ball never goes flat and never needs pumping. It will endure the most punishing treatment and will last for years. But behind the ball is a global charity that works with disadvantaged people around the world. When you purchase a One World Football you can choose a play project to support with the gift of a free ball which the company will ship out. Over a million balls have been given out so far. You can watch some videos about the project here. Approx  ∅ 21.5cm.







Ridley 175 gram Flying Disc.      €12.00.

A quality disc that glows in the dark for those late night tournaments. Approx ∅ 27.5cm.





Ridley Giant Bouncer.      €15.00.

Wear out the kids, and adults, with this super retro bouncer. Comes with its own footpump.

Approx 55cm diameter and good for passengers up to 175kg.



HighArtKite_02   highart_kite_3


High Art Kite. Designed by Jan Kallwejt.  €8.50.

A 60 x 70cm, single line, diamond kite with a 'little winged demon' design from Jan Kallwejt. Simple to build, easy to fly -loads of fun.





Kakudako Mini Kite.     €10.50.

A classic japanese kite with a design from Philip Tseng. This kite is a perfect adult/child building project that requires masking tape to assemble. Easy to fly and made with long-lasting, waterproof Tvyek material.



FlowerPress1        FlowerPress2


Wooden Flower Press.     €12.00.

A decorated wooden press complete with packing cards and blotting paper- ready to press!

18 x 18cm



wwbug_box  wwbug_box_2


Bug Box.     €13.50.

A decorated wooden bug observation box, with a canvas handle. Complete with magnifying glass.

Box.H.W.D  17 x 12 x 12cm.



Bug_jar1 bug_jar2

Bug Jar.     €6.50.

Bug jar with carry strap. Magnifyier set into wooden lid.



LetterPressMagnets1     letterpress.2

Letter Press Fridge Magnet Alphabet Set         €12.00.

An 80 piece set of fridge magnets with a vintage typeface with large (45 x 35mm) and small (28 x 20mm) magnets.





Alphabet English Language Fridge Magnet Set.       €12.00.

A quirky set of letters and English words designed by British artist Paul Thurlby. Great for decorating the fridge and practicing English.







Paul Thurlby Wooden Blocks Game.      €20.50.

Contains 30 paper-covered wooden blocks that form 6 fun puzzles. With Mr Thurlby's ingenious illustrations children and adults can play with English words and idioms, explore an atlas and fit puzzles together. Comes with a fold out sheet of puzzle solutions.



Stick-on Glow Stars.         €8.50.

A selection of planets, stars, comets and other galactic wonders that glow in the dark.

Contains 50 Non-toxic pieces.



Stick-on Moustaches.            €6.50.

A box of 8 stylish, self-adhesive moustaches. An essential item for children, adults - and hipsters.



Box of 4 Classic Jokes.     €9.50.

4 quality, and timeless, practical jokes. Snappy chewing gum, Insect ice cubes, nail through the finger and the ever- popular whoopee cushion.



Wooden Spinning Tops.             €1.00. each.



Skipping Rope.                             €3.50

A simple, strong skipping rope with wooden handles.