Pflanzsets und blühende Geschenke





Pflanzensets & Geschenke.


There's something deeply rewarding about helping nature perform spectacular biological wonders. Even if you think you don't have the time or skill to garden, we have something that can easily improve your environment and your diet.

Blooming Gardens

Foodie Gardens

Cultivate & Eat Japanese Salads

Sprout Pencils


Seed Paper Comics

Matchstick Gardens

If you don't fancy looking after your own plants, you can still join in by throwing one of our insect friendly KABLOOM seedbombs in some unloved part of the city.

Check them out here. Seedboms  ButterflyBom_icon


Blooming Gardens.



Our Cultivation Kits provide everything you need to start growing  beautiful flowers, indoors or out.

Contains a 30 x 8cm metal planter, seed and fibre based compost. Comes with detailed instructions.

Just provide water, warmth and sunlight.



Blooming Garden. Thumbelina Zinnias.  €17.90




Blooming Garden. Tom Thumb Nasturtiums.  €17.90



Blooming Garden. Dwarf Cosmos.  €17.90

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Foodie Gardens.


Nothing tastes quite so good as something you have grown yourself, and nothing is better than discovering new  flavours.

These easy to grow foodie kits contain exotic varieties of herbs and vegetables that will make the taste buds buzz. Once you have them established transplant them to larger containers to provide fresh edibles all summer long.

A perfect way to introduce non-gardeners of any age to the world of growing your own food, or to indulge yourself.

The packs are decorated with witty and informative illustrations from Joel Holland.


Foodie Garden. Basil O Holic.  €17.90


Basil, the hero herb of Italian cooking, can be used in tons of recipes.

With the three great varieties in this pack the potential for Basil abuse are almost limitless.

Contains seeds for Italian Sweet, Siam Queen and Lemon basil varieties, a 30 x 8cm metal planter,and fibre based compost.

Comes with detailed instructions and growing tips.

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Foodie Garden. Tomato Takeover.  €17.90


Even on a small balcony it's possible to get a crop of tomatoes, so why not go for something special?

This kit contains 3 quite differing varieties of tomato.

Black Krim.  A dark coloured Beefsteak Tomato.

Green Zebra. A sweet & zingy green stripey salad tomato.

Roma. The Italian classic plum tomato.

The Kit contains seeds for the 3 tomato varieties, a 30 x 8cm metal planter, and fibre based compost. Comes with detailed instructions and growing tips.

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Foodie Garden. Triple XXX Peppers.  €17.90


For the pepper freak, a kit that has all you need to spice your cooking with a pepper for every occasion.

Features Habanero, Pepperoncini & Cayenne varieties.

The Kit contains seeds for the 3 tomato varieties, a 30 x 8cm metal planter, and fibre based compost. Comes with detailed instructions and growing tips.

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Cultivate & Eat.

 3 exotic varieties of Japanese salad, in a ready-to-plant, seed and compost kit.



These biodegradable paper bags, folded like traditional rice bags, just need water and warmth to germinate their tasty Japanese salad seeds.

Once established the bags can be transferred to a container or garden without disturbing the roots, as the bags will decompose.

Available in 3 varieties.


Cultivate & Eat. WASABINA  €8.90


There's a clue in the name. Wasabi-na means "like wasabi"  The young leaves will bring a lovely mustard taste to your salads.

Wasabi-na germinates and grows fast. You should get baby greens in about 3 weeks, it reaches maturity in about 45 days. It's a very cold tolerant plant, so you can start these off early, or late, in the season.


Cultivate & Eat. SHUNGIKU  €8.90




Shungiku, as known as chop-suey greens, is another easy to grow plant. The taste is somewhere between celery and carrot. It's not afraid of cooler temperatures so you can grow in early spring and late summer. Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron, calcium potassium and dietary fibre, it’s an excellent way to give your body a nutrient boost. Once established you can keep cropping for a regular kitchen supply.

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Cultivate & Eat. SHISO  €8.90



Shiso is a relative of mint with a unique flavour which has made it an extremely popular garnish. The flavour has been variously compared to mint, cinnaman, corriander, and even basil- depending on who you ask. It can be added to salads, soups and stir-fries. You can make tea with it, or use it as a tasty little wrap for sushi, grilled meats or tofu.

Again it's a hardy plant and can be started in the early spring. You can nip the leaves off the little bush all season long.


Sprout Pencils.  €2.90


Desktop Gardening! a pencil you can plant after you have used it, and from a manufacturer committed to sustainability.

Instead of an eraser, the Sprout pencil is tipped with a seed capsule. This contains high quality, untreated seeds, and is water soluble, making the pencil easy to plant after use.

Out of the pencil grow delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables or edible flowers.

The Sprout Pencil is made of natural materials: the body is cedar wood, while the “lead” is a mixture of clay and graphite.


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Egglings.  €9.90.




Another desktop gardening favourite. Crack it, water it and keep it warm. Soon you'll have a plant which you can keep in any sunny spot at home, or at work. Comes with instructions.

Available with Lavander, Petunia and Strawberry plants.


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Flowering Fortunes. €6.50.


A small papier-mache Japanese figure which, like a fortune cookie, contains a message. But instead of eating it you read your fortune,keep the figure and plant the flower seeds contained inside.

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Seed Paper Comic Books  €8.90


Get that Geek out in the Garden!

These Superhero comic books contain a 155 x 100cm sheet of seed impregnated paper.

Cut the sheet to the size you need. Can be planted indoors or out.

Two versions available,

Herb (Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme)

Flower ( Baby's breath, Baby Snapdragon, Catchfly, Sweet alyssum)

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Matchstick Gardens.




A great gift to encourage the inner gardener in us all. The pocket-sized matchbook comes with tear-out biodegradable tabs that contain the seeds. These can be pressed into a soil bed, or carried with you ready for a guerilla garden moment.

Wildflowers  €2  (Black-eyed Susan, Cornflower, Field Poppy)

Herbs  €2   (Basil, Chives, Rocket) 

Comes with instructions.




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